At Sahni’s Enterprises, we know technology. Technology is growing each day at a feverish pace. Therefore, we strive to be ahead of the curve by hiring and collaborating with industry experts to stay ahead of the latest trends in technology as it pertains to our businesses.

Our manufacturing division, American Weigh Scales, is the industry leader in a diverse range of digital and mechanical scales for many different homes and industry segments. We have invested heavily in the latest technology in load cells and electronic circuitry.

This allows our customers to utilize the most precise, and reliable products on the market.

  • We have top-of-the line Molding Machines
  • Robust precision weigh modules and electronic load cells with all globally required approvals and standards.
  • Manufacture the moulds & also do plastic injection moulding
  • Factory with over 700 dedicated employees. 

With over 50,000 customers to our credit, Sahni’s Enterprises has always stood for excellence, innovation, and a continuous commitment to quality in all its business operations. We hold extraordinarily strong principles and guiding values so that we can create outstanding value for the customer while also adhering to corporate governance and generating win-win situations for all. Unfortunately, not many companies can maintain their level of ethics, and integrity to grow their businesses the right way. Most often businesses are subjected to theft and corporate espionage. Therefore, we developed IYESEE.

IYESEE is a technology we developed which utilizes live video monitoring & surveillance for your business. At Sahni’s Enterprises we changed the game in surveillance technology and for the first time offer preventative monitoring in real-time at an affordable price. This will allow businesses to save on security manpower regarding their monitoring. Allow us to dispatch security in real-time suspicious activity before a crime commits.

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