About badshah hookahs

The Royal Family of Hookahs

BADSHAH translated literally means KING. With this regal inspiration, Gary Sahni mastered the art of quality while developing a series of affordable products without compromising quality or experience. In our extensive study of the history of the Hookah, it is our great pleasure to bring you the finer feature of each of the Hookah cultures and traditions spanning thousands of years. In our products, you will see examples of Egypt’s delicate blown glass, India’s elegant style, and Turkey’s rich and lavish designs.

The Badshah product line offers a royal assortment of styles to tantalize your every expectation!

  • Badshah Platinum
  • Elite Hookah
  • Fruit Hookah Line
  • And many more!

Badshah hookahs features the following 

  • The KING of hookahs
  • Egypt’s delicate blown glass
  • India’s elegant style
  • Turkey’s rich and lavish designs


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