Business Surveillance Systesms

Sahni’s Enterprises investment into live video monitoring has helped businesses save thousands from theft, employee errors, and thrid party expenses.

Sahni’s Enterprises
Business Surveillance Systems

IYESEE Live Video Monitoring & Surveillance offers a unique, industry-leading remote video monitoring and audio intervention service to help you realize the full potential of video surveillance and protect facilities and locations from theft and robbery. This proactive security solution is designed to detect theft or robbery before or as it occurs and respond or intervene in real time. To improve loss prevention and reduce customer injury claims, we help engineer cost-effective security solutions with virtual guard patrols, video analytics, and video verification features. For loss prevention professionals, our diversified line of innovative services minimizes losses while increasing savings and protection levels. Our team works with the leading technology vendors to ensure that our products and services are the most advanced, cost-effective, and highest quality possible.

IYESEE Live Video Monitoring & Surveillance has a department that reviews all relevant cameras to provide a concise summary of what happened on camera with related police report data if available. Our highly trained staff monitors the outside and inside of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen. We don’t wait for alarms. We watch for and evaluate suspicious activity in real time. We call police with live reports on criminals often before they break in or do damage.

Best Use Cases are as follows

  • Lights On Monitoring
  • Live Person Monitoring
  • Compliance
  • Security

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2210 Ronald Reagan Blvd.
Cumming, GA 30041, USA.
Cage Number: 5LJC8

National Phone: 1.800.706.7253
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Local Fax: 678.421.0690


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