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Gary Sahni | Chief Executive Officer

1. Mr. Gary Sahni is the founder, CEO and sole owner of Sahni's Enterprises since 2001 and is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. 2. His extensive knowledge of the varied commercial and industrial sectors that Sahni's Industries is involved with allows Mr. Sahni to evaluate various markets and assist in product development. 3. A personal, human touch is quite important to Mr. Sahni, which is why he visits and knows all of his top-grossing distributors personally and even hand picks recruits to the sales force. 4. A true "hands-on" operator, Mr. Sahni visits his overseas factories where he reviews and approves the production process and personally negotiates the terms and conditions pertaining to production and purchasing. 5. Working since he was 15 years old, Mr. Sahni continued his education and eventually earned an Associate's Degree in Marketing in 2001 from Ricoh University in New Jersey. His vision, hard work and resilience eventually brought him to Atlanta, GA where he opened his first gift store. 6. Sahni's Enterprises has been recognized as one of the fastest growing businesses in Georgia by INC. magazine. He is a past recipient of the Great British Entrepreneur Award, also known as the Sahara Gaurev, which means proud citizen. The Cumming, Georgia, Chamber of Commerce has recognized him for creating jobs and innovation of new products. 7. Mr. Sahni has traveled extensively and speaks several languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and some Chinese, which helps him comfortably negotiate with his international suppliers.

Winnie Sahni | Vice President

1. Mrs. Sahni oversees bank accounts and ensures that best practices and fraud controls are applied, while also managing the office and accounting functions. 2. The spouse of Mr. Sahni, she has worked for the company for 16 years. 3. Mrs. Sahni has extensive experience in the banking industry, having worked at the international ICICI bank in India in accounting and as a call center administrator. 4. She has a Master's Degree in Literature from the Bombay University of Literature and is PhD. Qualified.

Jay Pabla | Director of Sales and Operations

1. Mr. Pabla oversees daily operations along with Mr. Sahni and keeps Mr. Sahni up-to-date when he is working overseas. 2. Responsible for sales and marketing, Mr. Pabla works with inside and outside sales teams to achieve company goals. He also deals directly with high grossing buyers to build trusting relationships, an essential part of the Sahni's Enterprises philosophy. 3. A 12-year employee of Sahni's Enterprises, Mr. Pabla began as a salesperson and quickly became sales manager, moving into his current position in 2017. Prior to joining Sahni's Enterprises, Mr. Pabla gained extensive retail experience as an owner of three cell phone stores in New York. 4. As a dedicated employee who cares about his work, Mr. Pabla has been salesperson of the month several times, sales manager of the quarter, employee of the year and has been named a Sahni's Enterprises Most Valuable Player (MVP). 5. Mr. Pabla is a graduate of the New York City College ofTechnology where he earned a Master's Degree in accounting.

Tray McConchie | VP of Sales & Markeating

1.Team player with a proven track record of exceeding sales goals, fostering client relationships, marketing, and launching innovative products to market. 2. Professional, energtic individual with more than 15 years experience in business development and enterprise sales. Excels in fast pace, technical, emerging markets. 3. Self-starter who is motivated by the company's vision. McConchie uses integrity, positivity, and enthusiasm to cultivate relationships, generate leads, and build teams. 4. Cultivates relationships by providing excellent account management. Creates bonds through friendly site visits, meals, entertainment, and customer service. 5. Delivers sales presentations at customer locations, speaking at events, attending trade shows, and providing training to wholesale distribution partners.

Rahat Zafar | Senior CFO

1. Mr Rahat is completely taking care of Sahni's bank accounts and ensures that best practices and fraud controls are applied, while also managing the office and accounting functions. 2. A member of the Sahni team for the past 13 years. Handle multiple, simultaneous project through all stages. 3. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills who is a dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities.

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