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Fast Weigh

Fast Weigh is constantly striving to improve existing products and come up with new innovative ideas to meet the consumer’s constant search for the newest, hottest designs for pocket sized weighing. We pride ourselves on quality products and service. From the initial stages of development to the final stages of production, Fast Weigh ensures that our scales meet our high expectations. In doing so our customers are delivered a product that has been tested, calibrated, and approved on every quality standard.


Digitz are compact digital scales that will fit just about anywhere. They fit easily into a pocket or handbag. These are great product for anyone who needs a portable scale with an easy to read display. The removable lids double as expansion trays to make your weighing easier and more convenient. These electronic, pocket-sized scales are some of the smaller models of digital scales around.

American Weigh Scales

AWS, Inc. is a Georgia corporation that manufactures and distributes digital scales around the world. AWS introduced its first branded digital scale to the market in 2003. Today, we are proud to offer over 100 different digital scales to meet your weighing needs. AWS is constantly striving to improve existing products and come up with new innovative ideas to meet the consumer’s constant search for the newest, hottest designs. American Weigh Scales, Inc. designs many products in the US and manufactures the AWS and Fast Weigh scale brands in China.


We produce the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our products provide reliable solutions for the most exacting applications. Our complete line of portable scales provide the accuracy needed to obtain reliable readings in any weighing application. Our precision instruments are the foundation of research and quality control labs all over the world. High-performance weighing solutions offer a basis for reliable results. Our quality control relies on fast and precise analytical measurement as well as good data management.


Bodigi scales are a simple and effective solution to stay motivated. Measure, track, and trend your body vitals over time with health measurements at the comfort of your fingertips. When standing on a Bodigi scale, a very low, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet. The electrical signal passes quickly through water that is present in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance when it hits fat tissue. The most accurate body composition scales in its class

Apple Bags

Our company was founded in 1999 with a simple goal: to provide superior products and services to every customer. We are the #1 online source for the Original Apple Bags and other multi-purpose storage products like odor-free bags and specialized bags for shopping, food, coins, jewelry, art, and hardware.

Glider Bowl

Glider Collection is branded division of Sahni that is dedicated through innovation to provide quality security products and containers. Our quality control process starts from the design to be manufacturer and into the hands of the consumer. Glider Collection is pleased to offer a full line of high quality, affordable commercial products at the best prices you'll find anywhere.


Badshah translated literally means King. We have mastered the art of quality while maintaining our product at a reasonably affordable price range. In our extensive study of the history of the Hookah it is our great pleasure to bring forth to you all of the finer features of each of the Hookah cultures through the thousands of years. You will see examples of Egypt’s delicate blown glass, India's elegant design, Turkey's lavish and rich designs, we even have our own whimsical fruit line and more. Check out our various parts of our lines to see which style suits you most.


UNIQUE   ORIGINAL   ONE-OF-A-KIND   HAND-CRAFTED These words have been used to describe Elate Hookah’s exquisite designs, but no words can be used to express how you feel when you own and use one of these historical smoking devices. A smooth and calming smoke, delicious taste and always satisfying experience is what you get from Elate. The name says it all.Our hookahs provide a smoke to Elate every shisha connoisseur.

Badshah Platinum

Our Platinum Collection is comprised of top quality metals, glass and crystals to bring you the best and most extravagant design work possible. Our designs of Hookah are simple, elegant and pleasing to the eye. This creme de la creme series can be attractive in any setting, and is the most impressive of the Badshah line.


Around 1600AD, a physician by the name of Irfan Shaikh developed the water- pipe to revolutionize tobacco smoking. It was presented to the Mughal Emperor of India, Akbar I, as the must have treasure for the aristocracy. Smoking tobacco-molasses be- came popular throughout the rest of Asia. The middle east truly spread the trend of social smoke. As hookah smoking began to emerge in the new age, it became a popular sight in coves and bars. The culture of hookah spread over all borders; whether you call it nargile, shisha, gouza, tombac, tobacco, moassel, arghila, galyan, hubby bubbly, hafas or heekal.