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I am honored to lead the Sahni’s Enterprises group of companies and brands. As CEO, I am committed to growing and building on our ongoing efforts to enhance corporate value.
" Thanks for your support."
Gary Sahni

Sahni’s Enterprises, Inc. began in 2001 as a small Atlanta area store selling gifts and novelties. It quickly grew into a multi-brand, global operation that thrives in today’s environment thanks to the vision and hard work of CEO Gary Sahni. By 2003, INC magazine had named Sahni’s Enterprises as the number one wholesale company in the United States and also recognized it as one of the fastest-growing companies in Georgia in 2013.

Today, Sahni’s operates out of a 170,000-square-foot facility in metro Atlanta that houses its corporate headquarters and extensive warehouse operations for all of its brands. This multi-brand enterprise includes 23 retail locations in Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, along with experienced staff in the United States and abroad that oversees manufacturing, importation, and distribution of wholesale goods and encourages collaboration and partnerships that result in new ideas and products.

The company’s spirit is inherent in its core values of integrity and business ethics and is embodied in the image of the lion that represents its #1 Wholesale brand. Backed by a staff that has an unwavering dedication to strength, leadership, and quality, Sahni’s Enterprises helps its business partners move mountains. We believe in collaboration, the desire to succeed, and helping companies reach their full potential. We believe in unlocking the doors to excellence.

Your Vision is our Future


Like many other businesses, Sahni’s Enterprises is concerned about its environmental footprint and has committed to sustainable practices. The company understands that sustainability is a process and will take time to develop and implement.

Current areas of focus include:

•    Reducing energy use and our carbon footprint by at least 10%
•    Developing a zero-waste plan
•    Strategic optimization of our supplier network focusing on the three “P’s”
the  policy, the physical and the peripheral
•    Continuing a firm commitment to corporate social responsibility


    At Sahni’s Enterprises we know the importance of giving back. We strive to grow our business with that in mind. Periodically we evaluate the needs in our local area, as well around the world. Currently, we are donating and contributing to the following initiatives:

    •   Sohan Singh Charity, a trust and charitable organization  dedicated
        to the support of underprivileged women and children
    •   Forsyth County Rotary Club
    •   Cumming, GA Chamber of Commerce

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    Your Vision is our Future