Sahni’s Enterprises has a large portfolio of websites that expand over several market sectors. A strong e-commerce presence is essential more than ever in today’s economy as more people shop exclusively online. Our brands have dedicated e-commerce websites that make it easy for wholesalers and general consumers to purchase the products that meet their needs in a matter of minutes. We make it easy for you to shop for your products via secure websites where you can place them in your cart, check out and then receive them in your mailbox several days later.

 It is our goal that our products are priced fairly, and we do not compete with our business to business clients. In fact, Sahni’s Enterprises works closely with experienced Law firms to ensure that our MSRP policies are met, and the specific channels are protected. 

Consumers can securely shop online for a wide range of high-quality digital and mechanical scales, storage containers, gifts such as wooden boxes, pillboxes, incense holders, tapestries and handicrafts, stickers, tapestries, tobacco, and hookah products. They can be sourced online though through the following:  

    • American Weigh Scales

     • Scales.net

     • Fastweigh

     • #1 Wholesale

     • Glider Bowl

     • Badshah Hookah

     • Elite Hookah

     • Elate Hookah

    Elite Trends is an all American company. With our diversified portfolio of product, we believe in highest quality of product and after sales service at an affordable price. We have products to cater to all industrial, educational, bathroom and kitchen needs. 

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